Anvato Vast Conditioning Service

Welcome to the Anvato Vast Conditioning API documents. Anvato Vast Conditioning service provides on-the-fly conditioning of VAST requests for immediate consumption by

To use this API you need:

Creating the VAST URL

VAST Conditioning Service generates a plug-and-play VAST url. Each generated url requires a single query parameter, url, which is the url of the original un-conditioned VAST tag.



Query Parameters

name description
url The URL of the un-conditioned VAST tag.


Server Side Authentication

Server side authentication. Always use the SSL endpoint.

curl 'https://your-public-key:your'

Server side authentication with POST request.

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type:text/xml" --data-binary '<VAST xmlns:xsi=...' https://your-public-key:your

If you are using the conditioning service on a trusted platform (e.g., on a manifest manipulation service) you can authenticate using basic HTTP authentication. Your public key is the user name and your private key is the password.

You can also provide an optional encode profile id (profile_id) to be used in adtag encoding. If no profile id is provided, the following default profiles will be used.

HLS_v3_1200 HLS v3 (h264-High) Video: 1200 / Audio: 96 960 x 540 HLS_v3_2500 HLS v3 (h264-High) Video: 2500 / Audio: 96 1280 x 720 HLS_v3_400 HLS v3 (h264-High) Video: 400 / Audio: 96 448 x 252 HLS_v3_700 HLS v3 (h264-High) Video: 700 / Audio: 96 640 x 360

You can also use POST instead of providing a url for the unconditined VAST tag.

Client Side Authentication

Client side authentication: the variables involved in signature generation.

// Message for which the final signature is generated
var request = "GET::vastcoder::9dThU8B8ek7HkF3K";
// Rotating signing key
var signing_key = HASH-HMAC-SHA256 ( "2016-03-01vastcoder", <private key> );
// Final URL

When the VAST request must be performed on a client device, you should use a pre-signed url generated at your backend service. Each request must be signed according to the following:

Parameter Example
the string "GET::vastcoder::" GET::vastcoder::
private key 9dThU8B8ek7HkF3K
un-conditioned vast url
timestamp (unix timestamp in seconds) 1467358075
(OPTIONAL) max_life (in seconds) 3600
(OPTIONAL) profile_id av3dLmYgPL79DRkr

and create HASH-HMAC-SHA256 by signing this string using your private key.

Authentication Errors